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Original Art by Ritika Gandhi


India , Hong Kong ,England and now living in the United States, Ritika Gandhi is an artist who has benefitted from various cultures. Learning both modern and ancient techniques form several cultures Ritika brings something unique to the table. Painting on Silk.

After completing her education in Textile Designing, in India, Gandhi began to experiment applying traditional Indian techniques to modern textiles. Shortly afterwards Ritika became a designer for a large textile manufacturing company. In the early '90s, she moved to New York City where she began to work as a freelance textile artist.

Fate took her from New York, Hong Kong to London. In England, Ritika went back to school and attended Reading College of Art and Design, graduating with her Diploma in Fine Art. Gandhi's Modern European training enables her to add yet another layer of expression and understanding to her creations.
The results are explosively colorful abstractions produced on a unique medium, using modern and ancient techniques.

Ritika's fate called her back to the United States. Ritika has been teaching Batik and Silk Painting at the Montclair Museum, Ridgewood Community School, Riverdale Art Center and at Midland Park Continuing Education. She has also taught at Atelier 7 Studio in Pompton Plains, Montclair Adult School, The South Orange and Maplewood Adult School.

Ritika's work is based on the psychophysical perception of color. She thinks that is due to her deep roots in Ind'an culture. Ind'an culture is specifically known to use bright and vibrant colors to express emotions and convey to deep, enriching history from which it comes. She likes to use colors that stimulate the human retina and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

A lot of her work uses reds, as red represents fire, warmth and comfort. She also like to pair off her reds with blues, as blue, being opposite of red, represents tranquility and peace. Yellow is the most optimistic color that she uses, in its unique ability to provide the viewer with an optimistic outlook towards life. All these colors are pulled together by the authority and power of black.